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Is there never enough white meat in your house?? Do the kids always fight over the drumsticks?? Or are you expecting a few additional guests and in need of a little EXTRA turkey this year?!? - Then our Turkey parts are the perfect thing for you!

We offer the option to purchase a variety of parts including breasts, drumsticks, leg quarters, thighs, etc. 

We simply ask for a $10.00 deposit on any Turkey parts & the remaining balance can be paid on pick-up day!

Producer: Albright Farms
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Bone-in-Breast (1 whole breast) ($10.00)
Thighs (2-pack) ($10.00)
Wings (4-pack) ($10.00)
Drumstick (2-pack) ($10.00)
Leg Quarters (2-pack) ($10.00)
Boneless Skinless breast ($10.00)